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Glad to see RoundUp Ready not mentioned. I am a big organic proponent, and I wish supply of fertiliser and pesticides were a non-issue. That said, having worked in the burgeoning “regenerative” agriculture sector for a little bit, I’ve come to trust farmers’ judgement. I know that some pesticides can’t be avoided, and not all are completely toxic (I.e roundup). The widespread overuse of pesticides and reckless planting of monocrops, though, is another product of monopoly power and government collusion.

Also, farmers could drop their dependency on John Deer by not falling for the bigger, badder tractor that comes out each year. Heavy machinery not only compresses the ground killing the soil~ they bankrupt farmers!!

Thank you so much for the work that you do!!!

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What ever it is worth, I was going to take it Farm to the consumers plate. 62 now, I thought of this in 1982- goal. Sidenote: Lost out to family tho. But, so I went to work for the grocery industry, to learn how they operated. By working in the meat markets to learn while being paid. Which I did, for multi Grocery chains, so to know all I could and be able to work any type of set-up and to make them all work-profitable and grow, but have not used.

On a other hand, I back then-80`s, I watch the Federal Reserve- Too, In the housing bust 2007 to 2011. I was going to write a report, 4 pages as the Constitution, with hyperlinks. This is where I found how hard it was to get solid info on the Federal R. from the internet. But, finding how Gov. is one major as I call a Monster of Octopus- 27 different area that needed to be addressed sidenote: I Could`nt even fine "Right" info on Government spending-debt from the 1980`s. Which was just short of one Trillion in 1980-79 to 8 Trillion by 1988. I miss the days of the 3 m`s as to Fed`s on interest rates- money supple. I was able to call the futures on that. But, Green Span changed that, As he once said, "Let the smart people We have to do that work", short, for other`s to not try to know or guess what "we at the Federal R. or doing. lol.

Anyway to groceries, I thought in the 90`s that it be Albertson to be the top dog from the Mississippi river to the west and Safeway as the second in the USA. Noting that Safeway was bought out in leverage buy-out in the mid-late 80`s.

To me Yes there is profit to be made and to insure a food supply. Start-up, BUT, As I thought then was to kill the middle man. Grow Your own as mush as possible. thus as time went, ADDED, grow your own so is to know, what in the food for the consumer. SHORT do what they are doing now but on for them a bigger scale. Fix to this and been done, co-op network of small farmers- . As to my old plans One area, I hope to fine a teenager on a small farm that raised chickens- eggs say about 60-100 hens. With video at or in every area of a grocery store, for the small operators. Here to interduce the producer of these Eggs. Other area, with a large kitchen that able to can and or jar too. Fine two elderly ladies that make Jam-jellies and to let them produce from out our own kitchen. With hope to have that kitchen working 24-7. Grocery coupled with Restaurant and Entertainment center.

Can Gov. help on area of or to Co-ops?

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"away from business-friendly U.S. Chamber of Commerce politics to a more populist approach"

Am I the only one, or do others share the feeling that "populist" has negative connotations? I am wondering whether in some contexts, it would be more accurate to replace it by "democratic" (as opposed to "oligarchic").

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There is a bah humbug conflation in this citizens mind when considering government and big business that creates a "why try", hopeless, anger driven emotionality, which sees no separation between the two. Add obfuscation, secrecy, behind the scenes manipulation and what often seems to be collusion, and the mind blanks. Today, the anti-human exploitation and consequential adverse effects of bad financial and social policy, on day to day American lives, can be seen in the homelessness, addiction, inflation, energy/food prices and the countless other, crisis to crisis, no solutions forthcoming, policies we'd like to believe is an ineptitude that can be remedied by a new elected political leadership. Perhaps. However, if Thomas Piketty is correct, it is the intentional outcome and goal of the no consequences, rules for thee-not for me policy, of the rigged game criminal finance, " greatest upward transfer of wealth" in history intent, to place us on the road to a new world feudalism. And, as it appears to me, finance is now attempting to dictate the future from a World, not a National stage. The IMF/WEF/CCP Davos boys (Schwab, Gates, Soros, etc.) openly brag about their inroads in compromising the political representation of Nation States across the globe. Much of the distraction and chaos diverting Americans from an open healthy dialogue about the American future stems from an ever more totalitarian financial support of Marxist "woke" Maoist/Stalinist tactics.

I hope in and will continue to support efforts to demystify bad American Corporate policy and its corruption and compromise of elected American political leadership. It is time to strengthen what remains.---Tell it like it is.

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I just can't understand why the Biden administration lets the media focus on stupid shit like Jan 6th which Republican voters just ignore. While rarely touting the amazing work that Kahn and the FTC are doing to stop monopolies from crushing rural farmers.

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Here’s what is wonky in my rural north central and western part of our state: proposed mega-warehouse constructions guaranteed to overwhelm the local infrastructures. (Links below) I suspect private equity has both hands and feet in the evolution of these two projects, even though one is an Exon-Mobile proposal. It names the construction company it is using, Prologis, but I would be suspicious of any subcontractors named for things like infrastructure “preparation”, employment, etc.

Links to articles on each:

Exxon to bomb Clinton Township with 4 million SF warehouse - exMayor.comexMayor.com


These are rich plums-probably too rich- to dangle before any town council or zoning board. I remember how everyone was out of their minds to offer the best incentives in our east coast cities when Amazon dangled the “offering” of new Distribution Centers in our metro areas.

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