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You are doing important work Matt - please keep it coming. It matters.

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Been a non-paying subscriber for some time now, but just put my money where my mouth is. Thanks for doing this important work that is so vital to a free society.

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Usually what I read these days pisses me off in one way or another, but this brought a nice rare smile to my face.

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Yes! More of this! More humiliation of idiot neoclassical economists. Never, never, never forget neoclassical economists are like rocket engineers who don’t know Newton’s Laws of Motion.

They are like astronomers whose model of the solar system is Ptolemaic, with the earth at the center.

Fundamentally, it really is that simple. They are that incompetent.

Pile on top stupidity, arrogance and greed and you get the “distinguished” antitrust lawyers and (mostly) stupid judges.

We forget the simplicity of their idiocy because of the layers of case law.

But the crux is always the unquestioned, deliberately forgotten premises and assumptions.

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Speaking of unreachable - Sparkletts drinking water service has bought up lots of smaller companies, raised prices, and made it near impossible to quit their service without receiving escalating bills for many months after notifying them by mailing back their bills with info on when their service was last accepted. I also attached notes to their water bottles and put notes on our two office doors.

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You are doing great reporting. Thank you

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Buried in your post is a seemingly great business opportunity: "No one keeps track of this stuff (experts' testimony vs litigation outcome)." Same for forecasts of all kinds. No scorecards for these either. People pay fortunes for these services but don't seem concerned about whether they actually have a track record that justifies the cost.

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Wonder if we could swap economists and ballistics experts. From Radley Balko yesterday:


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Matt - once again a fantastic job here.

I sent you a note about how LinkedIn is arbitrarily enforcing their user agreement and suspending or shutting down LI accounts for superficial reasons - like for instance having a Virtual Assistant log in to respond to messages.

They lack any real accountability and LI users often have little or no recourse when these decisions are made that can often be devastatiing to people who work as Career Coaches or other industries.

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Matt, I adore your newsletter and don’t know why it took me so long to find you. A thought (since you ask for them): Id love to have you looking at the intellectual-business-scientific monopoly cartel run by the Ivy League. Now that there is no distance between a major university and any other blood-sucking corporation, it might be the moment.

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Nice read Matt, OK thinking this time, you didnt use Chatgpt. lol.

Glad to hear a Judge have some Critical thinking power, wisedom here. vs only listen to code of Law.

Where "truth from Facts" matters more.

Area I thinking about. as to topic of nonoplies- OR MISLEADING INFO , OK, as prices on medical care was climbing when talks of (ACA) or Obama care, for three years period. NOTING, underlining News as to talks, that A Personal Doctor office- independent family care. Wasnt able to stay in business independently, FOR REASON, of law suits. was drive them out business.

SO, to now work under Corp. and only able to get 5-10 percent of the fees charge be it Medicare or Insurances.

BUT, I know of people close to me that has botch surgeries here of late, or flat out lied too as to their care. So, have they made it "CorP" where you can`t or made it hard for "one" to be able to sue now?

And now gone with "a personal" " care-ing" doctor- or offices! (Is no More) That personally would, in past, know you as a person or your day to day life somewhat. Like on first name bases even.

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OK, Matt, as to your post here, One word, ""Exactly"", and as to the complex problems we`re having.

As I stated here before, It a monster, I call An Octopus.

OK, asking as to book that was wrote, 1984. at that time. Were as to reports, so called fact sheets if you will. Is to change so skewer facts, and or numbers, short misinformation or Too Re write History, or to even get We`re we pull people to support a war for County z Vs Y. But reality is to kill Z in fact. People paid to do this work. and to what end?

Is the Borkcism experiment, in full play here. His he stated for the Congress hearing for Supreme Judge in the Congress hearings in 1984. Which Biden sat on the committee?

I got to get a Resume out TODAY, In hope here to help change this move we`re in.

and Hope to be able to reconnect with you over this issues, Matt.

I joined your site over how, and old blog you had over how the numbers was changed as to reporting were consolidating the Beef- meat packing industry, which someones report to Gov. was better for the market as to ability to product at lower cost. BUT, as you stated, they were falling short on the the abilty or by choice to make and cover the supply side. Do less or cap supplies end, Thus in fact lead to higher price. Which HAS or been done, multi of times already, say Oil production. Take 2008 or so, report over how We globally was produceing less then 1% vs demand use, For raw Oil. That was able to drive market prices to as high as $147 barrow of oil. It was all B.S, to start with. Past GONE Facts as to the House hearings over the issue, when the market went back down to $35 a barrow, for OIL, BUT prices didn’t come down WHY? They (Oil companies) was stating, even Oil being lower, They was not able to Produce Gasoline fast enough. AGAIN BS. As to changing Past facts- reports. You can get the senate side, Congress side as to Problem was from CME speculation. That was drive price UP from that report Report that we was producing 1% less then was able or have ability pump out Oil globally. Which Was BS, to start with.

Then the end game was to lose CME "Speculation trading was the problem. BUT, I was then stating CME trading will drive it back down Once that come to pass. Which it did down to $35 a barrow, vs A high of $147. in 2008 year or so.

BUT goal was to Get Gov. to out law, Commodity trades. The only middle man to pricing of Oil or any Commodity. SO, then Whom will then have control of the Market pricing?

I am looking at a bigger picture here, as to pegging to this end game . How this has all play out and over lapped as to Society, Politics. Short how to save Our Constitution and or keeping" We the People"

Democracy, which to me is the end game here, Get the Constitution out of their way.

So, can Charting as to all this be over lapped, "IF" we can get True Numbers and how past Cultures or Society moved to a False info, say to the 1930`s time frame? “Know Your History” but, has History been rewritten?

Stay Safe, Hope for No Jekylles into the night.

My Name is NoBody, (1vs160)

What better day to make a move, to try to save a County from itself, on Memorial Day.

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