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Wouldn't it have been cheaper for VW To install a hoist rather then pay for workers time off and compensation for all of the injuries that are happening at the plant? I do not understand the logic of not taking care of your people. Because in the end it cost you more money, aren't they trying to save money? Please explain this to me.

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Yo! Mike, great report. Thanks for sharing with BIG. Somewhere in California, my partner's daughter is organizing big tech workers, and she is inspired by the work of the UAW.

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My father worked for the old International Harvester and was a member of the UAW, retiring in 1981. Dad hated the Union, saying it protected bad employees (sleeping on the job, stealing, etc). So, I grew up with a negative view of unions. However, now as an old person, I look back on the past and realize we had great insurance, dad had a pension and he and my mom raised a family of 14 on my dad’s one salary. Was it perfect? Nothing is perfect. This resurgence of unions is the pendulum swinging.

from the Economic Policy Institute Sept 2023

Cumulatively, however, from 1978–2022, top CEO compensation shot up 1,209.2% compared with a 15.3% increase in a typical worker's compensation. In 2022, CEOs were paid 344 times as much as a typical worker in contrast to 1965 when they were paid 21 times as much as a typical worker.

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Union yes! This is positive news. To change the culture of work in the Red States should help elevate living standards and thus life expectancy.

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Though I don't stop by as often as I should I support BIG and will continue to do so. Unions built the American middle class. People gave their lives. My go-to is the Bread and Roses Strike of 1912 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Fascism is evolving. Today it isn't".. rules for thee but not for me.." it's "No rules for me the CCP for thee." Or, "You will own nothing and never be happy but you will owe me everything always and forever."

I believe that, despite the fascist hard sell of a glorious AI utopianism, the actual grift is the creation and maintenance of cheap uneducated throw away labor and access to all natural resources for exploitation and profit without consequence or accountability. The Davosphere intends to reduce the free peoples of the world to a CCP style serfdom and DNC thugdom is doing everything it can to help.

Current farmer protests in Poland have revealed that BlackRock and its subsidiaries have/are capturing huge swaths of Ukrainian farmland and dumping Ukrainian wheat on the European market at under market prices. Now add the GRAYZONE report on the NATO propaganda film that states its clear intention to rebuild the Ukraine as a country of managed 15 minute cities and twenty four hour surveillance. Euthanasia centers provided gratis. Next let us dump billions in unaccounted for American tax dollars into a hopeless war at the behest of a President known to be hip deep in Ukrainian corruption. (By the way, Billy Gates is the largest holder of farmland in America.)

Definition of political/corporate gunpoint: On the freeway before daybreak, broke, two jobs, depressed and anxious, raising an uneducated cyberverse addicted child, living paycheck to paycheck, every hard earned penny and tax dollar earmarked for the numbered offshore account of political grifters and criminal financiers.

Those wanting to wake a little further up might invest time in the James Lindsay/NEW DISCOURSES report on ("I've always considered myself a God.") George Soros who describes exactly his planned use of forced mass immigration, economic blackmail and the compromise of elected political leadership to bring the free peoples of the world to their knees. Despite countless hearing Congress has yet to reveal that Mayorkas was a board member of an NGO committed to flooding the world (a Soros tactic) with illegal immigrants. Experiencing chaos much?

As Richard Pryor observed: "Oh de Camp Town ladies sing this song doo doo, doo doo... all de lib long day."

Got Constitution?

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Russian Bot much

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“UAW = Biden.” Nice of Volkswagen to offer free campaign advertising like that.

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VW employees in Tennessee vote 73% for the union. (https://apnews.com/article/volkswagen-union-vote-united-auto-workers-chattanooga-51544590d8a06efddfa2f6ac7db00fbe)

The tide has turned. Unions went from champions of labor to corruption machines (think Jimmy Hoffa) but leaders like Shawn Fein are a new breed. That, along with the intense greed of Wall Street and business CEOs will intensify unionization to bring the labor/management back into balance.

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The problem with unions is the same problem that exists with government. Corruption and greed. Of course that exists in big corporations too.

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The workers voted down the UAW twice for this reason, but Fain cleaned it up and that had a big impact.

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