It's probably not relevant in this trial, but Google's claim that has the highest quality search is totally bogus. Perhaps that was true over a decade ago, but Google has gotten progressively worse over the years.

If Google had any serious competition it would likely have kept them on their toes instead of coasting on bribes for default placement and revenue sharing.

I would expect that if you asked search power users, e.g., journalists, researchers, etc., you would hear them complain about the crapification of Google. In fact, Matt and Yousef, what is your opinion about this? Have you found it getting harder to find something relevant to your needs on the first page of results?

Most people never go past the first page of results, but rather take the next best thing they see there. Since most of the first page of Google searches seem to be almost all ads for or links to Google properties searchers have to go further to find what they want.

I have heard from folks that they can't even find things like posts they know exist, because they wrote them.

Stay safe.

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My mom called me one day. She had found a great independent vacation rental in a Google search one morning, then closed Chrome, intending to find it later that day and book her holiday. She came back to it later, and it was gone. Didn’t show up in the Google search, and disappeared from the Chrome history. Google was pushing her to other rentals in the same region along with lots of ads.

I suggested she try Duck Duck Go or Bing. She had no idea there were other search engines out there. DDG lead her straight to the site she wanted. Now my parents are redpilled about Google.

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One thing that drives me absolutely bonkers is the "easy to change default" BS, which totally ignores the actual definition of the term "default": it's what happens if you don't change anything. You don't change a default, you override it. And it doesn't matter how easy it is; even if you could just think it and it would be so, many people wouldn't bother. It's all just another way to obfuscate.

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Paying to prevent innovation seems like a large part of what tech companies do these days.

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