Kind of off-topic (contingent labor). Propublica and NPR did a piece on the stay-at-home call-center exploitative business Arise, and it has some parallels with Varsity and Varsity 'affiliated' independent gyms.

Arise does call-center work for various large corporations, but Arise does not directly hire agents. It instead sub-contracts with other shell companies which in turn sub-contract with stay-at-home agents. Kind of like Varsity and the independent gyms that work with Varsity. And like those independent gyms, Arise doesn't seem to bother vetting the owners of the shell companies.

"Federal court records show that one of the three owners had previously been convicted of felony wire fraud while working in a similar job. As an administrator for a company that books cruises online, she manipulated the payment system so that commissions for travel agents were double paid, with the second sent to her mother’s bank account, court records show."


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Possible typos:

1. "over *a* 100 convicted," (delete *a*)

2. "bodies structure*s* the rules," (delete *s*)

3. "be on * line based," (add *the*)

4. "* inflate prices and inhibit free." (delete extra space)

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