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Mar 11, 2022·edited Mar 11, 2022

“It is hard to see why the protection §230(c)(1) grants publishers against being held strictly liable for third parties’ content should protect Facebook from liability for its own “acts and omissions.”

Sounds completely logical. Facebook should have an obligation to remove illegal content that it is made aware of. Same with phone companies - they should have to stop phone scammers once they are made aware of them.

People worry that having Facebook policing user content will reduce free speech, but free speech is not illegal so it should not be removed. Just police content that is illegal in the eyes of the law, and forget about censoring speech which is not illegal and forget about policing for political correctness. Policing for political correctness is very complicated, policing for illegal content is not. Make it easy for Facebook - remove illegal content only. There is no dilemma that I can see but I sure ain't not no lawyer.

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