dental implants are an object. you require an prosthetic surgery to substitue some lost teeth. you pay for the work performance not for the object itself. as every surgery it requires an expertise, a planning , some risk of complications and an evaluation of pros/cons and nevertheless it has to last a bit .

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This is an interesting article about sleep treatment and its impact on overall health. In addition to taking care of the quality of sleep, it is also important to pay attention to the health of your teeth and oral cavity. To maintain general health, it is recommended to contact <a href="https://aestheticdentaloffice.com/">this </a>dental clinic for the prevention and treatment of teeth. Quality sleep is essential for our physical and mental well-being. However, many may not be aware that dental health also plays an important role in the overall feeling of comfort and well-being. Regular dental clinic visits help prevent dental and gum problems that can affect our overall health.

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I was just at NYU Dental clinic for an implant consult. The cost per implant is about $250, plus extras for surgery, so to install 3 implants would cost about $4500. However, the crown is outrageously expensive, almost $10,000. There's gotta be something wrong here. In general, there's something weird about all dental office pricing.

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Nov 11, 2022·edited Nov 11, 2022

Dental implants are a wonderful invention, unfortunately not everyone can take root for many reasons. Regarding implantation, I contacted [url=https://fcdentalofficequeens.com/] this[/url] clinic, where I received recommendations and answers to questions.

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A related government win in the UK..fines for drug firms manipulating National Health Service contracts to price gouge the NHS (and other users of niche drugs worldwide)


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While I don't use one, I just received this notice through horrible Mychart (which is probably another story)

Philips Device Recall Notification

Dear John,

On June 14, 2021, Philips, one of the major manufacturers of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines, announced a recall of several of its Respironics models. The company states they recalled these devices to ensure patient safety in consultation with regulatory agencies. The specific details of the potential health risks are detailed on Philips’ website below.

We are sending this communication to ensure you are aware of the recall. If your machine is subject to recall we suggest the following:

Register your machine on the Philips website so that you are eligible to receive a replacement machine.

Contact your durable medical equipment (DME) company to determine the options available to replace your existing machine.

Philips has stated that ozone-related products should not be used to clean PAP equipment. If you decide to continue to use your CPAP machine, you should follow the cleaning methods described in the device’s usage instructions.

Consider the use of alternative treatments, such as oral appliances devices, if appropriate.

Consult with your physician for advice on continued use of your device. Your physician can assist in making this determination.

Additional information is available at http://philips.com/SRC-update or you may contact Philips directly at: 877-907-7508 (for Spanish speakers as well).


NYU Langone Health

Full recall details available at:


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Respironics is Recalling 400 million machines that had toxic foam inside the airway which has been blowing little bits of urethane and toxic chemicals into patient's lungs for years. Yeah, I had to get a CPAP in 2013 and the only brand available on my insurance was Phillips Respironics. Got a System1 560 and hated the machine from day one. I never could get comfortable with it and now I know why. I only found out about the recall because I went in to get a new facepiece for the Resmed machine I bought used in Dec. 2019 and the DME office was all a-buzz with the recall effort. If you need a CPAP, Bi-Pap or other ventilator STAY AWAY from Respironics if possible. Highly recommend ResMed. Do you Respironics addicts know about the recall??? If you like me have changed brands for CPAP you will NOT be notified. You can register at the website if you still have the serial number of your machine.

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