Similar to what several drug companies have been doing to the National Health Service in the UK, which has the role to buy drugs to be issued to UK citizens under prescription (for free, with most paying a modest set service charge to fund dispensing).

Pricing rules exist for on-patent drugs, but not generics (which are typically issued in place of branded, where possible).

So drug companies have been buying up niche on-patent drugs, turning them generic, and radically increasing price to NHS as there is only one generic supplier available (with a barrier to entry for additional suppliers is volumes are low).

A few cases have gone to court recently, but not many.

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///As the West opens its eyes to what a disaster its military and diplomatic institutions have become, it’s time to,,,,///

There's a theory in police work in that 'A police dept reflects the values of the community it serves', and I think it applies here, but on a national level.

Trump's election pulled the curtain away from the dog's breakfast that is our current political system, and in the process revealed the brain rot of our MSM. We've been learning since '08 about how disgusting our economy is, and since COVID our health care system's inadequacies have also been exposed.

Now Afghan has revealed the military for what it truly is.

After seeing honest efforts made to resolve problems in all these areas get swatted down like gnats... I don't think that there's any hope left, Matt.

Move to Canada man. It's far from perfect, but it's a far better example of a functioning society.

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