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Thank you, Matt. I rarely read anyone so deserving of more attention from the media.

My penchant for the history of Cold War conspiracy theories makes me worry about you attacking the defense industry this way. I think I’m kidding, but . . . be careful out there. We need you.

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Conservative FTC Commissioners are PROTECTING Facebook from any break-up... !!??!!

This is truly outrageous -- almost unimaginable

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There is no way the Democrats will take down Facebook. They are too in bed with each other. Look at the donations social media and silicon valley made to the Biden admin. Look at how they helped censor opposition during the election. This is a circus show to keep the voters appeased. They'll pass a bill that requires Facebook to pay an additional 2 cents in tax while offering additional monopoly powers on the back pages, call it the "Empowering the Oppressed Bill", and then the media will sell it to low information voters as a win and call anyone pointing out the obvious deceptions white supremecists. Facebook will censor anyone trying to expose the true contents of the bill. I'd bet my house on it.

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The SSL thing works like this: cryptographically, you can use crazy math to sign any file and say I signed it with this public key, therefore I alone must know the secret private key to it. By itself, who cares: why is my private key valuable? It’s just a random number. Anyone could sign anything with a different key. The answer is that you can use one key to sign another, and so create a network of trusted keys that are known (or believed) to be secure.

Let’s take a step back for a second. When a browser connects with mattstoller.substack.com, it wants to make sure it’s connecting to the real site, and not an imposter man-in-the-middle attacker. So it looks at the signature of the site (its certificate). In this case, the site’s certificate is signed by CloudFlare, who in turn are signed by CyberTrust. CyberTrust are one of a handful of “root certificates” that browsers are built to trust automatically. So, to trust my connection to this site, I have to trust that CloudFlare or CyberTrust aren’t giving out certs to imposter sites.

The root certificates are a natural monopoly. A browser couldn’t be shipped knowing every possible cert in advance. It has to use a network of trust. On the other hand, there have been scandals in the past about shady root certificates. If a root certificate were hacked, it would mean anyone could get on your coffee shop WiFi and pretend to be gmail or eBay or your bank. Very ugly stuff!

I mentioned browsers, but Adobe also has only a small number of trusted root certificates for its document viewers. This is the bottleneck that document signing authorities are abusing.

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Biden administration is full of Russia-gate hoax conspirators. Among them is Hillary campaign's national security advisor, Jake Sullivan — now President Biden's National Security Advisor.

Sullivan was a member of the team that concocted the Russia-gate scam of the century and has played a role in destruction of Trump’s National Security Advisor, a distinguished general Michael Flynn (whom narcissist Obama abhorred). The persecution and insults to Mike Flynn still continue to this day:

Chase bank just cancelled credit card of US general, Michael Flynn.

Reason given: Flynn is a "reputation risk"....

Truly an outrage – always remember Obama’s bank mega-gangsters and their “reputation”.

The Indictment of Hillary Clinton's Lawyer is an Indictment of the Russia-gate Wing of U.S. Media

The DOJ's new charging document, approved by Biden's Attorney General, sheds bright light onto the Russia-gate fraud and how journalistic corruption was key.


PS: I am sure that Hunter Biden has all his credit cards - full of money "earned" by Biden-family corruption.

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A write up of how the Chinese changed their tech markets, and thus how a government that can govern does so might be useful. It's been a long time since the US effectively governed, and the example would be helpful.

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You’re awesome, Matt!

How the hell do I become a paying subscriber? I can’t find a link anywhere. Can someone reply with a screenshot or something?

I work for a tech company. Going to be pretty embarrassed if this is user error. 😬

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Thanks for putting warmonger media so politely into the dumpster. Unofficial transcript:

pentagon spokesperson/journalist: "We didn't have to leave the way we did"

Matt: "Can you give an example of a better loss of a war, be specific"

pentagon spokesperson/journalist: "Um...not historically"

Matt: "When the British left Afghanistan in 1842 all 16,000 died except one - THAT was a bad withdrawal"

pentagon spokesperson/journalist: "that's a useless hypothetical"... irrelevant talking points

Matt: offers a concise and precise summary of the ivy-crusted military industrial complex ending with "YOU are the problem"

Media warmonger/pentagon spokesperson: "that's a wrap". Waves white flag, loads loot into trunk of car, flees to United Arab Emirates...

media warmonger #2: "I am not a warmonger!"

warmonger producer: sells Ratheon stocks

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Stoller takes no prisoners but will that help?

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" The underlying legal claims are the same as they were the first time - the FTC engaged in predatory schemes and illegal mergers to maintain its monopoly" - typo?

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