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Hey Matt, this is the first comment board I can find about weird monopoly suggestions that isn't locked. I hope you can find it and I hope one day thanks to your efforts, monopolies get broken up, wages rise, and I can afford to subscribe to you! Here's a really important one, maybe you've already heard of it.

Were you aware that there is a monopoly on lab mice? The Jax lab is the *only* place you can get lab rats from, to my knowledge. Every scientific experiment tested on mice in the past 30~40+ years came from here.

Full long story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLb5hZLw44s&t=2730s

Jax-specific segment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLb5hZLw44s&t=3993s

The problems with this arrangement are

a) the breeding pool is pretty inbred

b) every mouse is raised in pristine conditions where it never faces hunger, predators, disease, or even a shortage of mates

c) thanks to monopolistic practices, they raise these mice pristinely, and breed them the first day they are sexually mature, to produce more mice and boot them out for lab sales

d) most importantly, every animal's DNA has these tails, known as telomeres, which are spent when cells need to reproduce, especially when they have to reproduce faster than normal, such as during the healing of a wound. Because ALL of these mice have the breeding environment they do, NONE of them have had their telomeres stressed. So they've evolved these ridiculously long telomeres over thousands of generations of lab mice from this one nest.

This makes them incredibly resistant to damage. The two places this interferes with research most, are in myocarditis, and cancer. It explains why the cure for cancer is so hard to find, and it explains why so many medicines taken off the market from Vioxx to COVID vaccines get recalled due to high myocarditis rates in humans. It's because ALL our lab mice are particularly resistant to those effects, so they never show up in lab tests.

Please research and blow open the Jax monopoly.

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