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Yeah, that is super illegal.... On attorneys, an interesting antitrust story would be the American Bar Association (and the American Medical Association for that matter). The ABA forces more education on would be lawyers than any other common law country in the world. Nearly everywhere else in the world, Canada being the exception, law is an undergrad degree. It takes three years and is basically the same curriculum as the JD degree. They also force law school to be really expensive by requiring tenured professors instead of just hiring practicing lawyers to teach the classes, among other requirements... like a law library which isn't super relevant anymore. They won't allow online law schools to become accredited... even though law school is uniquely well suited to an online format. The ABA can recommend whatever the feel like recommending, but the anti trust comes in as they have captured the law examiner boards of all 50 states and have made their recommendations required by law to sit for the state bar exams. Obviously they are not unbiased. The ABA is the lawyers trade organization. Existing lawyers benefit by tapping down competition by making it really difficult and costly to produce new attorneys that will compete with their membership. Think how weird it would be if the cosmetologists trade org suddenly started requiring people to get a BA in whatever, as the ABA does, before they could go to a barber training program and had all 50 states make that the law in order to get a license... The states have a bar exam which is supposed to test all the knowledge one needs to be a competent attorney. How about prepare anyway you want to prepare and anyone can take the test? If they pass, congrats, you're an attorney. If the bar exam doesn't test everything that is required to be a competent attorney, then design a better test. It is not a small thing as it basically jacks up the price for citizens to petition the courts and use the legal system.

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Everything is rigged against us. The MSM is rigged. Project Veritas showed us the latest example of that this week.

But before we knew that, we knew that the 2020 Presidential election was rigged with ballot stuffing/fraudulent ballots cast to the tune of >64k, voting machines that were able to wirelessly connect to the internet despite company's protestations. The Michigan legal filings last week made that all public. We can now suspect that many, many elections in other states and at other times have been rigged, both this last year and long before this last year.

China Joe "won" this last election because the MSM covered up the steal. The MSM is the chief sell out in our democracy. It has to be the first target of reform. But how?

And then there is the case of Hunter Biden and the Big Guy, China Joe Briben, who has for decades been collecting a kick back of 10% from the family members who profit from China Joe selling US Foreign Policy in return for high paying "jobs" and inexplicable cash payments or inappropriate contracts all designed to provide plausible deniability about what amounts to bribery.

Hey, but how did China Joe get his name? A: By selling us all out to Communist China. The process of allowing, no, financially rewarding US Companies to offshore jobs to the CCP controlled slave factories is decades old now. TPTB literally gutted the USA and they did it in collusion between the American Chamber of Commerce, the "Libertarian Think Tank Industry" providing ideological cover for cash endowments (Harvard is big in this play), and the CCP. And the theft and gutting of this great nation was a bipartisan effort as both parties played good cop/bad cop on irrelevancies even as the factory equipment sailed East without a mention. Their agreements of betrayal are very likely in print is some dusty safe in Beijing but we live this reality when we find our kids cannot get a decent job.

Finally, we know that the investment field is rigged against the individual investor.

GME/GameStop short and short squeeze (and from Jim Cramer in his 2006 interview) that the stock market is rigged with large investment houses able to destroy the value of a company through a collusion between their investment fund and the fake news media. Today you have these companies picking targets to drive down stock prices with Media in the wings ready to announce fake news stories to grease the shorts. They tried the with the Taiwanese semiconductor company, AMD, that was challenging Intel. They lost that one...or did they? And then you have companies like BMY or SCYX that are routinely pummeled to near oblivion in order to transfer money from the small investors to the large. What does the FTC do about that? Nuttin'.

Sodom and Gomorrah fell when the rot and corruption was so great that only obliteration could solve it. Are we there, yet? Seems like we are close.

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about 10 years ago I started using Google adwords (or whatever its called) for my small business. My industry is a small one with only 5 main players and a dozen tiny ones. After a month it became stunningly obvious that the keyword auctions were rigged. Prices were skyrocketing. Since I knew every player in my industry and how they 'advertised', I was certain no one else was 'buying' the keywords. The prices were all being rigged upwards by Google. So what did I do ?

I simply kept bidding 10-20% under the rigged Google price. It was hilarious, because after about 8 weeks, the prices I was paying to for my keywords were driven down, down, down.

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Conservatives are always a little slow in understanding the rules the left play under. This is the Cold War for the future of the USA.

The Conservative Propaganda is that ‘these are Private Companies’ and they have the right to make their own decisions. But in Socialism, they are still ‘Private Companies’ but they exist only because they do the bidding of the government. That is where we are now!

Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon all benefited from the Covid hype and reaped the rewards. The government did not need to direct them to censor conservatives who opposed the shutdowns or scientists that discovered effective treatments of the virus; they just knew what the party line was. Time to fight back, but first we need to realize that we have been wrong to defend the very agents of government now seeking to shut us out of the arena of ideas that lead to action.

The left perfected the tactic we now call Law fare. File a lawsuit with a conservative judge demanding the removal of patent protection for all those programs and processes used by those firms to restrict our rights under the First Amendment. Otherwise the Government is complicit in denying us our First Amendment Rights! This is exactly the way the lawsuit should be framed.

Make Big Business fear the right and start to break them up. Then we can see real free market enterprise. Bigger may not mean better but is does usually imply more power.

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It took me until today to realize that the world of big business is rife with hilarities and that Matt has been part humorist this whole time.

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It's "attorneys general"

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The Financial Services Industry has long been the clear leader in criminal activity - Google Bernanke name for its criminal front-running activity was no accident.

Second, of course, is Big Pharma who routinely write checks for billion dollar fines, but this time it's for killing people rather than just robbing them - and thank god the Feds pick up the tab for vaccines.

Big tech is making a strong challenge to both of these mafia families but have remain hidden because if you pretty much chose what gets published, who's going to know?

Trump could have done a world of good by going back to basics:

You are only acting on a companies behalf if you act within its corporate charter.

No State, not even Biden's Delaware allows Incorporation for illegal activities.

Therefore any individual performing an illegal act cannot be doing so on behalf of the Corporation and is personally liable.

Bang Jamie Dimon up in the Pen with Shitavious and his posse for 5 years and you'd be surprised how quickly things could change.

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Google has been rigged the auction process on "adwords" now for years! I know because I own a company in the online ad space, and I would bet that Google holds the 1st position on all the keywords we mutually bid on. They set the high bid and the rest of us are left to pick up the scraps. The really depressing thing about it is, this practice is obvious, however no one is taking any steps to protect us from this mega-monopoly!

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