Just saw the news today that Open AI added Larry Summers to their board of directors. I don't know about you all, but that prospect chills my bones.

Can't wait for Larry to tell us all how great it is for the economy and stock market that the AI have decided to liquidate 70% of us into soylent. :P

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Why does everyone ignore that we have been having record inflation in housing, education, and healthcare for 20+ years? Food, gas, and travel take up much less of our spending than those three fked inflated things.

The reason? Finance capitalism... It's a modern form of serfdom.

Aholes make money merely by owning things. They produce NOTHING.

It's parasitic and somehow everybody was asleep because they thought they could be wealthy too.

George Carlin was right... It's called the American dream because you gotta be asleep to believe it.

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Nov 23, 2023Liked by Matt Stoller


HI Matt,

Does it seem interesting that 100,s of thousands if not millions of users (as per multiple agents) are locked out of their Comcast mobile email accounts. going on 48 hours now. I've been on hold multiple times longer than an hour. A reason or cause is unknown. It's been stated multiple times that only the 2nd level security unit knows what is being worked on and they are not forthcoming with any information. If this is so, one would think that this is at least network news worthy (or maybe that's a reason why it's not?) It's certainly, on various levels, is a inconvenient time to not have the ability to send or receive email from one's mobile device.

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You're "speaking truth to power". Corporations drove inflation by raising prices, forgetting that American consumers don't have bottomless wallets. Once consumer spending slowed, conglomerates started lowering prices. That's why we're seeing so many pre-Black Friday sales. But these price cuts are actually just rolling back prices to what they should have been.

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We own a mobile home park and buy Thanksgiving meals for our residents. The cost was $350 higher this year with all other metrics the same. It’s frustrating to hear media say turkeys are cheaper. That’s very deceiving.

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Hasn’t ‘inflation’ always been inflated by ‘greedflation’?...The producers cost increases by ‘x’ and that cost is passed on to the consumers as ‘x+y’.

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Weird monopoly: in my hometown gas prices are fixed. Nobody seems to know how but all stations have the same prices.

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The Worse Things Get . .

They Needed crooked BidenFlation

for it's All Falling Apart! sensation . .

Eggs Off The Chart! . .part of an Alt

Reality art . . like The Woke Threat

and Tidal Wave Immigration .. .

The Better Party . .. .# and traitorous Vermin

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If concentration leads to higher prices in order that cabal members can exploit their power, why don't we just nationalise their industry and take the profits for ourselves, the people? After all, having one meat producer from ocean to ocean is surely every bit as bad or good as having four?

In short, if industry cannot regulate itself and doesn't want to be regulated by government, then let government take over the industry. It will then soon regulate itself.

Now, where was that ProPublica railroad dossier?

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Price drops are cuz of the strength of the dollar.

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Robert Reich & Thom Hartmann have been talking about corporate greed as THE source of inflation.

How about the Fed raising interest rates? (Remember when TFG “warned the Fed not to raise rates during his “reign”? He knew that would kill “his” lovely economy)

Here’s an article on food prices:


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Egg prices were up in 2022 as well as poultry prices because flocks had to be culled because of the avian flu epidemic. This actually proves that the egg market is fairly competitive because the reduction in output due to avian flu increased prices more than average cost. (Demand can only be inelastic if there is no monopoly.)

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