Just a few decades ago the tech companies were run by engineers, in partnership with the financial people. There was this constant battle between the two where the engineers wanted to create cool products and the financial people wanted to be profitable.

And that tension worked. You needed the financial focus on profits to stay in business. And you needed the engineering focus on products to create brilliant new products. One of the best examples of this is Disney that was lead by Walt AND Roy Disney. Both were necessary for their success.

So what happened? Not only did the financial people gain sole control, but their focus shifted from being profitable to their stock price. This was a giant shift.

If you want to solve this issue, you need to find a way to revert back to how these companies used to be managed. Key to that I think is remove this absolute hold Wall St has on the boards and C suite of the companies.

And part of that is different people with very different priorities and value systems, on the boards and in the C suite.

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So a question on the port issue. If most of these carriers are international,do we have a feel for why a port live Vancouver is being underutilized ? I’ve seen this before. Why not now ? Or is it ?

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You make a strong case that semiconductor shortages are driving inflation, and that antitrust will bring down prices for industries that have competition problems. But I am not sure you've shown that the semiconductor shortage is because of antitrust issues.

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