Sitemap - 2021 - BIG by Matt Stoller

Corporate Profits Drive 60% of Inflation Increases

The Lina Khan Effect: Mega-Mergers "Plummeted in 2021"

It's Not a Wonderful Life

The World's Most Profitable Traffic Jam

Open Thread: Why Are Voters Souring on Joe Biden?

Cryptocurrencies: A Necessary Scam?

Open Thread: Are Cryptocurrencies Really an Answer to Monopoly?

FTC Sues to Block Nvidia-ARM Merger

Antitrust Enforcers to Take on Big Business and Shortage Profiteering

Lucid-Cint: Is there a Rollup in Survey Research Technology?

Why We Can't Make the President a Working Helicopter?

Big Business Declares War on Lina Khan

Open Thread

Too Big to Sail: How a Legal Revolution Clogged Our Ports

Pharmacists and the Picket Line

The Truck Driver Shortage Is Not New. It's Been Happening Ever Since Deregulation.

Monopolies Slowly Destroying the Pentagon

Open Thread: Big Tech Edition

#PizzaIsNotWorking: Inside the Pharmacist Rebellion at CVS and Walgreens

The Mustached Villain Behind the Rapid Covid Testing Shortage

Hearing Aid Cartel Corrupts Build Back Better

Open Thread: Health Care Edition

Enough is Enough: The Criminal Case Against Mark Zuckerberg

Google to Customers: Help Us Fight Against Stronger Antitrust Laws

Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Book on Monopoly Power? Plus Supply Chain Disruptions...

Reactions to the BIG Hearing Cartel Expose: "Quite the sh** storm"

Silencing the Competition: Inside the Fight Against the Hearing Aid Cartel

Will an Obscure Internet Law Screw Up Your Credit Score?

Open Thread: Why Are You an Anti-Monopolist?

Economists to Cattle Ranchers: Stop Being So Emotional About the Monopolies Devouring Your Family Businesses

A Big Announcement About BIG

The Facebook Whistleblower Is Heroic... And Terribly Wrong

A Man in Mark Zuckerberg's Position Can't Afford to Be Made to Look Ridiculous

Will Monopolies Steal the Infrastructure Money?

More than Half of Americans Have Experienced a Shortage

The Corrupt System Behind Covid Medical Shortages

The Cantillon Effect: How the Federal Reserve Caused a Massive Merger Wave

“Accountability is coming:" Did Mark Zuckerberg Violate Insider Trading Laws?

The Subversion of Patents

ShortageWatch: "Sorry. No French Fries with any order. We have no potatoes."

Judge Deals Cheerleading Monopolist Varsity Brands a Brutal Setback

Counterfeit Capitalism: Why a Monopolized Economy Leads to Inflation and Shortages

Lina Khan Leads the Government's New Attempt to Break Up Facebook

ShortageWatch: What Broken McDonald's Ice Cream Machines Tell Us About the Economy

Fresh After Afghanistan, Defense Contractors Try Sneaking In Another Corrupt Provision into Law

The War in Afghanistan Is What Happens When McKinsey Types Run Everything

How Defense Monopolies Helped Destroy the Afghan Army

Other People's Money: The Email Monopoly Gouging Investors Over Shareholder Reports

A Private Equity Monopoly Is Why It Costs $9 to Get Your University Transcript

Pfizer and Moderna Mock Biden, Raise Vaccine Prices

Stop Lying, Mr. Zuckerberg. Or What An Actual Regulator Looks like

Why You Can't Take This Job and Shove It: Obama Judge Endorses Wage-Fixing by McDonald's

How ESPN's Monopoly Power Is Consolidating College Football

The Big Law Cartel: How Antitrust Lawyers Help Their Clients Break the Law

From the Mailbag: Sleep Treatment Devices and Dental Implants

Biden's National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan: Monopolies Are a National Security Problem

"A Real S*** Show": Soldiers Angrily Speak Out about Being Blocked from Repairing Equipment by Contractors:

Anti-Monopoly Midterm Election Candidates Begin to Emerge

Biden Launches Sweeping Action on "Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Ag." Can It Be Real?

FBI: Contractors Steal $100 Billion+ from the Federal Government

Another Day, Another Hack Via a Private Equity Owned Software Firm

The World Turned Upside Down: Lina Khan's FTC Fights for Domestic Cattle Ranchers

Chinese Fashion House Shein and Trade Loopholes

The New FTC: Lina Khan Already Angering Antitrust Defense Lawyers with Tough Merger Posture

Facebook Hits $1 Trillion in Market Value, Beats Gov't Antitrust Rap (for Now)

Why Did Congress Just Vote to Break Up Big Tech?

A Private Equity Giant Trained the Group that Assassinated Jamal Khashoggi

Why a Pro-Monopoly Supreme Court Ruled Against the NCAA Monopoly

The Antitrust Revolution Has Found Its Leader

Private Equity Roll-Up Controls 25% of All Messages to Congress

New York Returns as an Anti-Monopoly Powerhouse

Harvard Business Review Recommends Private Equity Focus on Monopolization

New York State to Revolutionize Antitrust

Private Equity and the Hacking of the New York Subway System

Australia Forced Google and Facebook to Pay for News... And They Did

Amazon Prime Is an Economy-Distorting Lie

Biden vs The Deep State: Hearing Aid Edition

Plymouth Rock's Grist Mill: America's First Businesses Were Public Utilities

How a Cheerleading Monopolist Played Rough During the Pandemic

AT&T Admits Its Time Warner Merger Failed

Antitrust Establishment Confused as Big Tech Foe Lina Khan Gets Overwhelming Support from Congress

Why Are There Shortages of Plastic Bags Needed for Vaccine Production? Monopolies and Patents.

Why Joe Biden Punched Big Pharma in the Nose Over Covid Vaccines

Beef Is Expensive. So Why Are Cattle Ranchers Going Bankrupt?

Is Biden Accidentally Giving the Green Light to Mega-Mergers?

One Benefit of Biden's Capital Gains Tax Hike: Fewer Mergers

Roku, Match Group, and Tile Heat Up the Civil War in American Business

Break Up the Ivy League Cartel

FTC Nominee Lina Khan Fires a Warning Shot at Big Tech - "Potential Criminal Activity" - and Senators from Both Parties Love It

Big Supermarkets Kill Your Favorite Products

Senator Jon Ossoff Breaks A Key Battery Bottleneck

Why Is Clarence Thomas Attacking Google?

When Google's Fancy Lawyers Screw Up and Jeopardize Sheryl Sandberg, at $1500/Hour

Bill Clinton Wrote the Law That Created Our Big Dumb Ship Problem

Why Logitech Just Killed the Universal Remote Control Industry

Razor Blade Wars Part II: Amazon and Walmart's Role in Shaving

Google ex-CEO Eric Schmidt Calls for Full Communism

Keep McKinsey Away from Biden's Infrastructure Push

Razor Blade Wars, Part One: Harry's Ends the Safety Razor Cartel

The Big Dumb Ship Problem Is Much Worse Than We Think

What Can We Learn from a Big Boat Stuck in a Canal?

How a Nuclear Missile Monopolist Is Getting a Quarter Trillion Dollar Pentagon Contract

Facebook Made Up to $2.9 billion from QAnon in 2020

How Economists Corrupted the Internet

Noah Phillips and the Political Collapse of Corporate Republicans

How Gmail Quietly Controls a Vital Channel for Political Speech

How a Salt Monopoly Could Spike Car Accidents in the Midwest

Republican Marco Rubio Endorses Amazon Unionization Drive

Want to Remember Your Password? Pay Up.

The Federalist Society, Monopoly and a Conservative Intellectual Collapse

Judges Break Up Door-Making Conglomerate

Apple Threatens North Dakota, Suffers Crushing Loss in Arizona: "A Lot of It is Just Fear"

CFPB Nominee Rohit Chopra on Payments, Big Tech, and China

Contract Bundling and the Monopoly That Makes It Harder for Soldiers to Move

Outside Media Continues Hiking and Biking Roll-Up, Buys Pinkbike, CyclingTips, and Trailfork

How Google Ruined Waze and Consolidated Mapping

The Gore-Tex Monopoly: "They can make or break you"

Facebook: What is the Australian law? And why does FB keep getting caught for fraud?

The Pentagon Turns on Wall Street

The Cantillon Effect and GameStop

How Monopolies Slowed the Vaccine Roll-Out, and Small Business Sped it Up

Take the Profit Out of Political Violence

Ashli Babbitt and the "Extremely Online Riot"

How to Get Rich Sabotaging Nuclear Weapons Facilities