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Can J.D. Vance's Populist Crusade Succeed?

Inside the Mafia of Pharma Pricing

Monopoly Round Up: A Judicial Conflict Over the FTC Non-Compete Ban?

Monopoly Round-Up: FTC Non-Compete Ban Survives a Texas Court, For Now

Governing in the Political Twilight Zone

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A Supreme Court Justice Is Why You Can’t Buy a Car Right Now

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Inside FICO and the Credit Bureau Cartel

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Why Has Trump Stopped Attacking Big Business?

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Economic Termites Are Everywhere

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Is Ticketmaster Telling the Truth About Its Finances?

Memorial Day Monopoly Round-Up: South Park Does Health Insurance

Antitrust Enforcers to Break Up Ticketmaster and End the "Ticketmaster Tax"

Why Does the Biden White House Hate Its Own Agenda?

Monopoly Round-Up: Google Tries to Pay Off the Antitrust Division

The Monopoly That Gets 'Em When They're Grieving

Monopoly Round-Up: Apple Spanked in Antitrust Suit

How Airline Lobbyists Just Got Humiliated

Monopoly Round-Up: What Happens If Google Loses the Search Antitrust Case?

An Oil Price-Fixing Conspiracy Caused 27% of All Inflation Increases in 2021

The $2 Trillion Secret Trial Against Google Returns Tomorrow

Monopoly Round-Up: Did Texas Join OPEC?

This Week Is What Governing Looks Like

FTC Enrages Corporate America by Eliminating Non-Compete Agreements

Monopoly Round-Up: A Holy $&*&$% Week of Stuff

A Great Labor Explosion: Will Auto Workers Unionize in Trump Country?

Monopoly Round-Up: Economics Acknowledged as Astrology by the NYT

The Silver or the Lead: How White Collar Crime Prosecutors Get Punished

Monopoly Round-Up: A Judge Can Break Up Google Right Now. Will He?

Apple Got Caught Censoring Its Own Regulator Lina Khan

Monopoly Round-Up: How Chain Restaurants and Hotels Collude to Screw You

Explosive New Documents Unearthed On Live Nation/Ticketmaster

Monopoly Round-Up: How FTC Chair Lina Khan Cut Inhaler Costs to $35

Why the Apple Antitrust Suit Matters

In Lake Wobegon, All Antitrust Enforcers Are Above Average

Monopoly Round-Up: Lina Khan Rips Boeing, UnitedHealth Group Breaks the Law

The TikTok Problem Is Not What You Think

Monopoly Round-Up: Will There Be a TikTok Crackdown?

Does Biden Welcome Their Hatred?

Monopoly Round-Up: Congress to Undermine Antitrust Division Budget?

Did Google, Facebook, and Amazon Endorse Jim Crow?

The $25B Kroger-Albertsons Merger Is Going to Fail

Monopoly Round-Up: Pharmacies Nationwide Freeze Up as Major Tech System Goes Down

The Fed Is Behind the Capital One/Discover Merger

BOMBSHELL: Potential Criminal Activity Revealed in the Kroger-Albertsons Merger

Monopoly Round Up: Lina Khan Takes on Drug Shortages

It's Apple's Vision Pro, The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Fear and Consolidation in the Oil Patch

Monopoly Round-Up: Super Bowl Sunday and a Sports Streaming Cartel?

Congressional Republicans to Defund the Antitrust Division?

Monopoly Round-Up: The Electric Utility Problem Gets Real

The Dirty Business of Clean Blood

Monopoly Round-Up: Is European Big Tech Regulation Failing?

The Nationalization of Boeing Begins

Monopoly Round-Up: Apple Becomes the Bad Guy

Moose, Maple Syrup and Monopolies: Is Canada Finally Taking on Its Oligarchs?

Antitrust Enforcers Block the JetBlue-Spirit Merger

Monopoly Round-Up: Food, Farming, and Exclusive Deals

It's Time to Nationalize and Then Break Up Boeing

Monopoly Round-Up: Why Can't We Fix Boeing?

What's Coming in 2024 on the Monopoly Front?