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Crime Shouldn't Pay: Why Big Tech Executives Should Face Jail

The End of the Facebook Crime Spree

An Economy of Godzillas: Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft

Could Google Soon Face... Competition?

The Google Suit: We're All Anti-Monopolists Now

How Would President Biden Approach Corporate Power?

Congress Gets Ready to Smash Big Tech Monopolies

Cheerleading, Monopolies and Sexual Predators

Will Trump's Supreme Court Destroy Trump's Google Case?

The Antitrust Exhaustion Problem: How Is Martin Shkreli Still Price-Gouging Sick People?

"Rumors Spread on Social Media..."

Why Jeff Bezos Is Worth $200 Billion

Epic Games Kicks Off the Civil War in American Business

Warren Buffett: America's Folksiest Predator

Banning TikTok: Are We Reproducing the Chinese Internet in America?

"The Day Big Tech Stopped Being Untouchable"

Absentee Ownership: How Amazon, Facebook, and Google Ruin Commerce Without Noticing

Counterfeit Capitalism, Food Delivery Apps, and the Attack on Franchising

Weird Monopolies and Roll-Ups: Horse Shows, School Spirit, Settlers of Catan, and Jigsaw Puzzles

A Land of Monopolists: From Portable Toilets to Mixed Martial Arts

The End of Private Equity Is Coming

Will Bill Barr Screw Up the Google Monopolization Case?

Every Federal Reserve Board Member Is A Multi-Millionaire

The Week Big Tech Lost Power

The Plan to Make Post-Pandemic Flying Miserable

What Amazon Isn't Telling Investors, or Congress

Corporate Power, Protests and the Breakdown of a Social Contract

The Coming Collapse of a Cheerleading Monopolist

On the Spotify-Joe Rogan Deal and the Coming Death of Independent Podcasting

The Great Intermission: Hollywood and the Coronavirus

Uber-Grubhub: How the Pandemic Is Launching the Era of Online Platform Regulation

Why Does a Hospital Monopoly Want to Re-Open the Economy?

Can We Even Stop Monopolization in a Pandemic?

The Federal Reserve Bails Out Boeing, Gives a $3 Billion Subsidy to Carnival Cruise Lines

Antitrust After the Coronavirus

A Congress Without Lobbyists and the Coming End of Federal Reserve Independence

Is Private Equity Having Its Minsky Moment?

The Cantillon Effect: Why Wall Street Gets a Bailout and You Don't

The New Populist Right Imagines a Post-Pandemic America

Why Private Equity Is Cutting Doctor Pay and Organizing Our Pandemic Response

How Bad Antitrust Enforcers Kill People

Stop the $6 Trillion Coronavirus Corporate Coup!

Stop the Coronavirus Corporate Coup

How To Structure the Coronavirus Bailout

Shut Down Congress!!! (Physically at Least)

Why Can't America Handle the Coronavirus Crisis?

Congress Responds to the Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus Crash + a Merger Boom

National Champs or National Chumps: US Big Business vs China

How an AT&T Lawyer Helped Monopolize Cheerleading and Induce Drug Shortages

Coronavirus and Concentration: Should the FDA Have Anti-Monopoly Authority?

The Sprint-T-Mobile Merger: A Jump the Shark Moment for Antitrust?

Will Spotify Ruin Podcasting?

Iowa Caucuses, the Blob, and the Democratic Party Cartel

How CVS Became A Health Care Tyrant

Free Our Doctors, Engineers, Daycare Workers, Cheer Coaches, etc. from Fear

Does Microsoft Have a Boeing 737 Max Style Crash Every Week?

Dark Clouds Over Facebook: The $5 Billion Settlement Isn't Finalized

What a Cheerleading Monopoly Says About the American Economy

This is Not a Democracy, It's a Cheerocracy: The Cheerleading Monopoly Varsity Brands

What Is the Point of Economics?

Bible Lobbyist: We Can't Print Bibles in America Anymore

Trump's Surprising Embrace of Industrial Policy to Fight China