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Out with a Bang as FTC Beats the PharmaBros

The Insufferable Bros Who Run Corporate America

Monopoly Round-Up: Merry Christmas!

Reversing Reagan: Is Wall Street Giving Up on Consolidation?

Monopoly Round-Up: We're Slowly Breaking the Will of the Bad Guys

How to Crush the Ivy League Cartel

BOOM: Google Loses Antitrust Case

Monopoly Round-Up: The U.S. Is Now a Net Food Importer

Pentagon Stupidity Is a Design Choice

Is Corporate America Betting on Trump?

Monopoly Round-Up: Profiling the Terrible People Who Run the World

The Case for Ambulance Chasing Lawyers

Monopoly Round-Up: Big Carrot Enters the Ring

Why Turkey, Eggs and Air Travel Just Got Cheaper

Monopoly Round-Up: Inflation Is Down, Everyone's Mad Anyway

Is There an Establishment Plan to Repeal Antitrust Laws?

Monopoly Round-Up: The Public Hates Big Business, But Is It a Voting Issue?

Big Tech on Trial: Is Google’s Reckoning Finally Here?

Monopoly Round-Up: The Jet Blue-Spirit Trial Takes Flight, Realtors Get Grounded

Labor Unions Are Industrial Policy

The Middleman Economy: Why Realtors Just Took a Big Loss and Homebuyers Might Benefit

Monopoly Round-Up: Striking Autoworkers Get a Big Win, Google Takes a Big Loss

The Banality of Price Fixing

Monopoly Round-Up: The Government Rests its Case in the Google Trial

Why America Is Out of Ammunition

Monopoly Round-Up: Chaos and Progress

Ending Junk Fees, the Most Annoying Thing in American Commerce

Monopoly Round-Up: Israel and Global Turmoil

The Price-Fixing Economy

Monopoly Round-Up: Government Is Funded, Amazon Is Sued

"Never Seen Anything Like It:" The Biggest Month in Antitrust in 50 Years

The FTC Sues to Break Up Amazon Over an Economy-Wide "Hidden Tax"

How to Hide a $2 Trillion Antitrust Trial

"Cha-Ching!" Lina Khan Attacks Private Equity in Health Care

Monopoly Round-Up: Labor Unrest Spiking

Strikes and Bidenomics

Big Tech on Trial: How BIG will be covering the Google Trial

Monopoly Round-Up: The Google Antitrust Trial Starts on Tuesday

Quick Read: Google Cares About Google's Privacy

Monopoly Round-Up: Biden Takes a Real Swing at Private Equity

Government Stupidity Is By Design

Monopoly Round-Up: Does Big Tech Feel Untouchable Again?

Make Hollywood Great Again

Monopoly Round-Up: The Weird Elite Disdain for Workers

How Fanatics Is Building a Weird Monopoly Over Sports Trading Cards

Monopoly Round-Up: The 2024 Presidential Race

The First Big Antitrust Trial of the Century Is About to Start

Monopoly Round-Up: A Weird Economy

How to Forget the Lessons of the Pandemic

Monopoly Round-Up: The Old Guard Hits Back

Antitrust Guidelines and Overthrowing a Corrupt Priesthood

Monopoly Round-Up: Hollywood on Strike

Quick Read: Walled Garden America

Judge Rules for Microsoft: Mergers Are Good

Monopoly Round-Up: How Antitrust Created a Twitter Competitor

Is the Chocolate Monopoly Under Siege?

The Long Annoying Tradition of Anti-Patriotism

Monopoly Round-Up: All Courts Matter

Will the Biggest Tech Merger of All Time Go Through?

Monopoly Round-Up: Russia, Microsoft-Activision and Hollywood Hunger

The Cantillon Effect and Bank Behemoths

Monopoly Round-Up: The Weird Story of Transformers Statues in D.C.

Lina Khan Fires a Crooked CEO

Monopoly Round-Up: Cleaning Up Capitalism

The Saudi-PGA Tour Golf Deal Isn't Going to Happen

Corporate Temper Tantrums

Monopoly Round-Up and the BIG Newsletter Grows Up

Monopolies Make It Harder to Have a Baby

Open Thread: Memorial Day, the Civil War, and and Land Monopolies

How to Humiliate an Economist

Monopoly Round-Up: The Debt Ceiling and a Major Win against Airlines

Martin Shkreli Was Too Honest

Time to Break Up Hollywood

Open Thread and Monopoly Round-up: Labor Unrest...

All Rise: How Judges Rule America

Monopoly Round-Up

Big Tech Blocked: Microsoft Stopped from Taking Over Gaming

Open Thread and Monopoly Round-Up

How a Google Antitrust Case Could Determine the Future of AI

Monopoly Round-Up and Open Thread

The Military-Industrial Stock Buyback Complex

Quick Read: Good News on Drug Price Middlemen

Monopoly Round-Up: AI Chatbots and the Law

How Obamacare Created Big Medicine

Open Thread and Monopoly Round-up, 4/3/22

The Rage of the Corporate Lawyer

Open Thread and Monopoly Round-Up

The Monopolies Behind the Adderall Shortage

Open Thread: Bank Bailouts and the End of Deference

Fire the Fed

An End to Airline Consolidation?

Regulating AI: If You Make a Mess, You Clean It Up

Elon Musk vs the FTC

Google Spanked by a Judge in Virginia

Antitrust Division Hits Private Equity Giants

Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

Open Thread: This Week's Monopoly News Round-Up

Pete Buttigieg's Moment of Truth

A K-Pop Monopoly?

Did Lina Khan Just Slash Insulin Prices?

Block Block Block

Open Thread

Labor's Dual-Track Mind on Mergers

Open Thread: Competition Policy and AI

On Lina Khan Derangement Syndrome

Open Thread

Bill Clinton Has Left the Building

Is the Microsoft-Activision Merger Falling Apart?

Open Thread: The Stock Market's Trash Rally

The Disney-Fox Divestment Goes Bankrupt

A Pyrrhic Victory for Meta Over the FTC?

The $109 Billion Bank Hustle

Open Thread: Worst Mergers of All Time?

The Week CNBC Started to Panic

How Equifax Became a Private IRS

Open Thread: Layoffs and the Economy

Non-Compete Agreements and the Cult of the Antitrust Bar

The Deep State Awards

Antitrust Enforcers to Ban Indentured Servitude

Ponzi Hospitals and Counterfeit Capitalism