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What's Coming in 2023 on the Monopoly Front?

Private Equity Gave Your Bank Password to Hackers

Why Do Analysts and CEOs Keep Calling for Consolidation?

Bank Error in Our Favor

Too Much Winning: Antitrust Reform to Become Law

Open Thread: Is Decoupling with China Happening?

Get Antitrust Legislation Done, Chuck Schumer

Open Thread

FTC to Block Microsoft-Activision Merger

Ron DeSantis' Quiet Relationship with Amazon

Open Thread: Time for Public Utility Regulation?

The Boring Lobbyists Behind Sam Bankman-Fried

Why Is Booz Allen Renting Us Back Our Own National Parks?

Thoma Bravo: The Bridge Trolls of Enterprise Software?

Open Thread: A Year of a New Antitrust Division

Don't Make Taylor Swift Fans Angry

Open Thread: The Week of "I Told You So"

Why Didn't the Government Stop the Crypto Scam?

A Good Election for Anti-Monopolists

Open Thread : Election Time!

Wow. Judge Stops the Looting of Albertsons (For Now)

Weird Monopoly: A Ketamine Clinic Roll-Up

Book Publishing Mega-Merger BLOCKED

Open Thread: Elon Musk's Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg's Collapse

Has Private Equity Finally Gone Too Far?

Antitrust Chief Jonathan Kanter Attacks the New Money Trust

The Monopolists on the Farm

Open Thread: Monopoly and Recession

Thunder on the Right

A Church Software Roll-Up

The Smash and Grab of Kroger-Albertsons

Open Thread: Supermarkets and Food

A Year of BIG

Here In My Car

Spies and Monopolies

Who Loves Woke Wall Street?

Open Thread: How's the Economy in Your Neck of the Woods?

Boom! Antitrust Bill Passed

Congress to Vote on New Antitrust Laws This Week

Signs of Life at the Department of Agriculture?

Good Judgment

The Antitrust Shooting War Has Started

Amazon Promotes Ex-Private Prison Exec to Run Warehouse Training

Open Thread: How Is the Stock Market Decline Affecting the Economy?

Should the Government Block the Adobe-Figma Merger?

Locked Out

Addressing the Railroad Crisis with a Sliding Scale Plan

Antitrust and the Fall of a Cheerleading Giant

Should We Save Newspapers from Google?

Open Thread: Labor and Monopoly

Mergers Didn't Really Used to Be a Thing

States Taking the Lead on Regulating Google?

The Cantillon Effect and Credit Cards: The $257 Billion Payments Mess

Open Thread: The Policy Wins Are Starting

The Ridiculous Amazon-One Medical Deal

What Will Come of the Nightmare Travel Summer of 2022?

Closing Down the Billionaire Factory

Open Thread: Inflation Edition

Free Speech on Trial

Open Thread

Nancy Pelosi, China and the Slow Decline of the U.S. Military

Open Thread

Law and Order Lina

Thunder on the Right


Cleaning Up Big Chicken

Open Thread

Throw the Bums Out Politics

Antitrust Division to Department of Agriculture: Your Economists Are Corrupt

An Economy of Overfed Middlemen

The Pete Buttigieg Fake Governing Problem

The Slow Erosion of Amazon's Power

Biden's Bad Judges

Buckraking: Did A Medical Monopolist Buy Off CNN?

July 4th Open Thread

The Antitrust Division Pulls Out a Switchblade on Private Equity

Weird Monopoly: Cineplex and Canadian Movie Theaters

Open Thread

How Trump Increased Your Cell Phone Bill

On Inflation: It's the Monopoly Profits, Stupid

Open Thread: The Crypto Crash

Corporate Bribery Just Became Illegal Again

Weird Monopoly: Football Helmets

Apple's Backup Plan to Stop Antitrust Legislation

Open Thread

Torpedoes In the Water

Weird Monopoly: Northrop Grumman and Nuclear Missiles

The Conglomerate Problem

Open Thread: French Fries and Unusual Monopolies

Congress to Pass Antitrust Laws?

The Cantillon Effect and Stock Market Crashes

Open Thread: After the Crash?

Big Bottle: The Baby Formula Nightmare

Chicken Prices and Chicken Shit

Open Thread: Monopolies and Market Crashes

Silence Is Golden

Elon Musk and China

Why is Ghislaine Maxwell’s Lawyer Attacking Antitrust Enforcers?

Open Thread: What's on your mind?

Blowing Up Antitrust Enforcement

Elon Musk and Selling Tickets to the End of the World

Peeing in the Economists' Pool

The Secret Plot To Unleash Corporate Power

“Economics is losing authority in the political arena”

Open Thread: Is Bipartisanship on Antitrust Possible?

Big Tech and the Beautiful Losers in Europe

Did the Ocean Shipping Cartel Impose a 20% Tariff on U.S. Imports?

What Happens When Enforcers Stop Being Polite

The Red Wedding for Rural Pharmacies

Open Thread

Shipping Chaos, Not Ukraine, Is How Globalization Ends

Judges Behaving Badly: Amazon Antitrust Suit Dismissed

On Amazon-MGM

Open Thread: War and the Dangers of Corporate Food Systems

Why Are Judges Encouraging Inflation?

Getting Queasy

Monopolies Take a Fifth of Your Wages

Clarence Thomas Takes a Skeptical Eye Towards Surveillance Advertising

Open Thread: What does the Ukraine War Reveal About the U.S. Economy?

Antitrust Cops Put Handcuffs for CEOs on the Table

Ukraine War Profiteering and the Shipping Cartel

From Russian Pipelines With Love

The Busy Bees at the Antitrust Division

Big Tech Tries to Defund the Police

The Pentagon Knifes Wall Street

Open Thread: The Super Bowl, Ukraine and TikTok

Unilever CEO: "We will, of course, continue to take further price increases...."

Yes, Facebook Is Still a Monopoly

Antitrust Is Responsible for "the Metaverse"

A BIG Video Exposing Amazon Prime

Open Thread: Is Now the Time of Monsters?

As the Big Tech World Turns

Mergers Ruin Everything

Sometimes Antitrust Is Rocket Science

Larry Summers Honors Stephen Breyer's "Progressive Deregulation of Airlines"

Stephen Breyer’s Legacy of Destruction

Our Systems Are Down, So You Can't Have Your Medicine

The Fed Can't Print Semiconductors

Open Thread: Have You Ever Been Through a Merger?

The Bicycle Thieves

Microsoft Brings a Cannon to a Knife Fight

Hope on the Horizon

Fear and Loathing in the Silicon Valley C-Suite

Ivy League Cartel Sued for Price-Fixing

Open Thread: Let's Talk Inflation...

What's Coming in 2022 on the Monopoly Front?

What the Great Ammunition Shortage Says About Inflation

Did a Fire Just Burn Down Our Semiconductor Supply?